Do you follow 'Vaastu' while designing ?

Yes. We incorporate 'Vaastu' principles in our design based on client's requirements.

Can we see any of your built works ?

We can guide you to our projects that are under construction. But regarding our finished projects, we prefer to respect the clients privacy and let you access only the documentation of the project.

Do we have to travel down to your office to meet you ?

Yes. That way you’d get to see how we work.

When do you visit the site ?

After our first discussion for the project (which happens in our office), we would let you know a comfortable date by when we can visit your site.

Can we get your design fees quote before we visit you ?

No. We prefer to meet in person first in order to get a detailed understanding of the client's design inclination and scope of work.

Will you take up outstation projects outside Bangalore ?

Yes. We do, provided our travel and acoomodation expenditures are taken care of.

Do you handle Renovation/Extension/Conservation projects?

No. Not for the time being.

Do you give us several options of designs to choose from ?

No. If the clients have communicated well during the first two sessions, it has been our experience that the clients approve what we show them during the first stage itself.

Do you take up execution of your designs ?

No. But we can suggest you the right contractor for your project.

Do you have contractors whom you would recommend ?

Yes. We have worked with multiple contractors over the years who understand our drawings well. We can suggest the right contractor suitable for your project.

Will you work with our contractors ?

Yes. We are comfortable working with any efficient contractor, who can execute our designs to perfection.

Do you do Elevations alone?

No. We believe in a practice where the project is designed as a whole.